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431 Margie and Frank
458 Steve
491 Marvin and Tiny
495 Linda
497 Wesley
498 Steve and Janice and Patricia
499 Lary and Genena
500 Rita
501 Arlene
Anne Canada
Annie, Jack and Marjorie (1945)
Arlene Edna Spragg (1956)
Arlene's Great Aunt Pearl at Jack's House
Arlene's Great Uncle John (1989) The date was written on the back of the picture.
Arlene, Aunt Dorthy, Nayereh, and Rita.jpeg
Aunt Annie, Uncle Walker, Janice, and Donald
Aunt Ruth, Uncle Jack, Jane, and Keith
Betty Scott and Arlene Spragg (1948)
Bill Scott (my guess)
Bill, Dorthy, Ola, Marjorie, and Elvesta (Ella)
Bill, Marvin, Ola, and Jack Scott (1932)
Children of
Close up
Dorothy Lee scott, 18 years old
Dorthy Scott
Elvesta Scott (in the middle) 1938
Frank Spragg
left to right Co Pilot 2 Lt. Bob Wood, Scotty, 2 Lt. Pomberdaire Frank Mc Goff, and Sailtirley
Scott Farm
Scott Grandparents Closeup
Scott Home
Uncle John and his daughter 1989
Vesta Apple Scott, Effie Smith Scott, Aunt Bessie Essex
William, Jack, Ruth, Ola, Janette,Tom, Ella, Bill, Marjorie, Walker, Dorothy, Annie

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